I’ve turned into a fan and critic of signage. The things you learn owning a print/marketing company. Last summer, I got the chance to chaperone 8th graders from Evergreen Junior High in Redmond to New York and DC, and decided it would be interesting to capture pics and study signs in one of the busiest, […]

Event Planning There are many ways to do fundraising, with one of the most popular being a fundraising event. Events are awesome opportunities for an organization to make money, but they come with their own host of time and expense requirements. In order to have a successful event, it is crucial to have a careful […]

You’d think with a business name like Minuteman Press we’d count everything in minutes, but when you get to a number like 1,576,800 it’s easier to simplify and just call it 3 years. So here we are, celebrating our third anniversary, and we could not have done it without our amazing clients. And we mean that […]

Buying local means you have one neck to choke, that’s accountability. So here’s my accountability for our recent 1 star Yelp review. When you get a bad Yelp review (or rant), fair or not, what do you do? Flame on, its go time! Medieval style if that’s what it takes. Warning, this will always end badly. Ignore […]

Summer festivals, business expos, street fairs and non-profit events are a great way to raise brand awareness and reach a large audience. For small business owners these events provide opportunity to educate the community about their service or product. However, in order to participate in these events, some businesses struggle with the investment it takes […]

The milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV? Hopefully you’ll be singing that familiar TV show tune for the rest of the day! I mean, who doesn’t love a classic with a comeback? How about another classic that deserves a comeback: great service. Is it ok to expect more from the companies that you buy services […]

A client who hadn’t done business with you in 5 years asked for an estimate on a small project, and in response to seeing the estimate, replied with ‘Its kind of expensive, all you have to do is push a button’. From a services professional no less. A consultant, who prides himself on helping others achieve […]