Buying local means you have one neck to choke, that’s accountability. So here’s my accountability for our recent 1 star Yelp review.

When you get a bad Yelp review (or rant), fair or not, what do you do?

  1. Flame on, its go time! Medieval style if that’s what it takes. Warning, this will always end badly.
  2. Ignore it. Lets face it, there are plenty of people who can’t be satisfied and in your business you may get so many reviews that its lost in the sea of happy ones and good Redmond-area IPA beer (I recommend Black Raven Trickster btw).
  3. Huddle up as a team and listen to the customer. Ah, this is hard, because it requires temperance, openness to being self critical and the willingness to implement change.

Above all, here’s what you should do. Strip away the emotion from a situation and put aside the issues of right and wrong so that you can focus on how to improve. Then you can make progress.

After talking with my amazing team over the course of a few days to dig in and talk about where we made mistakes or have gaps, and how we can improve, here’s my response to a 1 star rant that we received on Yelp.

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear your opinion as it relates to buying print and the service you receive anywhere locally or online!



Comment from JD K. of Minuteman Press
Business Owner


My name is JD Klein, I’m the owner of the Redmond Minuteman Press franchise. I’m the guy you called huffy. I haven’t been accused of being huffy before. Not sure I’m the huffy type. Maybe a bit pudgy but I’m working on that 🙂

I want to let you know that I’m really sorry about your experience. We talked about your experience as a team and will use it as an opportunity to look for ways to improve. Our customer experience is my responsibility and I understand you were very frustrated. Again, I apologize and wish you success in your business.

All perspectives are valid but they are only one point of view. So I’ll post a brief response here with an extended perspective on our blog at I’m happy to let interested readers read both of our viewpoints. Hopefully they will read our other reviews, come experience for themselves what we provide, and over the long term, let the market decide.

“The List” you referred to doesn’t say what you wrote and this is easy to fact check because its been posted on our Facebook page for weeks. We use in-store lists as customer engagement tools (better than Twitter) collecting real verbatim reasons (some of them obviously given tongue in cheek) so that we can understand the drivers for last minute ordering and hopefully improve our service. Perhaps you saw it as contemptuous. I can understand your point given the heat of the moment and without the benefit of context. Post mortem…it served its purpose to engage our customers who we learned a lot from, and its been retired.

Regarding your complaint that we don’t offer self service printing, copying services, there’s 5 other businesses within 6 blocks (6 if you include the library) that are setup to provide self service. We don’t currently have specialized self serve equipment or checkout/payment tools. So we created a referral map that gets handed out frequently to help people quickly get what they need from those businesses, and it works well. Knowing our schedule was already packed with rush jobs, we recommended twice that you use one of them but you refused it and said you’d just drive back to Bellevue.

The bleed misunderstanding is my fault. I misunderstood your intention and thought you wanted it setup for a bleed so your estimate had billable graphics time included. To me its not about being right, its about getting the end product right and minimizing risk, not winning arguments. Ultimately my concern is that the file will print with a precise border (bleed or white) and the way to ensure this outcome is by setting it up in our software to print on oversize paper and trimming it back.

Interrupting our workflow for your project is a tough call. You are welcome to disagree with how we operate but the 87 other customers with projects in the queue, many of them rush, are glad that we didn’t put their deadline at risk. If you’re going to belittle my team (that ‘front desk gal’ has a Bachelors Degree, Deans List too!) and demand that we drop what we’re doing to print your stuff, then its reasonable to ask you to pay a rush fee.

In closing, I’m genuinely sorry that you had a frustrating experience with us. I hope that Yelp readers understand all of the perspectives, continue doing their research and decide to give us a try on projects that are a great fit and take advantage of our value.


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