Direct mail isn’t dead, it remains the #2 response vehicle and is popular with millennials and boomers. They can touch it and they trust it.

Too many businesses and nonprofits aren’t picking the low hanging fruit when doing direct mail and they are wasting money.  At Minuteman Press, we have numerous services available to you to help you save money in your direct mail campaign.

To start, we can reduce the amount of postage you pay, frequently up to $.25/pc. We presort and automate mail to receive discounted postage rates with personally addressed mail (ie Jane Doe). Another marketing mail option is the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). It’s a program offered by the United States Postal Service, where you can select geographic target areas and mail up to 3.3 ounces, without needing a mailing list or a postage permit. These postage rates range from 16 to 21 cents apiece.

Don’t make the mistake of designing a mail campaign without getting help with the piece type and design. We once had a customer try to mail pens inside envelopes and budgeted for regular first class postage. Once we walked them through the USPS requirements, and showed them the actual cost they would incur, we found a way around the budget busting original plan. To be clear – unique mail gets opened – that’s the point, you meet your goal! But let’s strategize earlier in the process so you aren’t surprised at the true costs and execution challenges.

Finally, you will want to run your database through the National Change of Address (NCOA) process prior to mailing. This process, which we call scrubbing a list, compares your addresses against the national postal database of individuals and companies who have submitted move notices. This allows you to update your mailing database to the new addresses, and gives you an opportunity to eliminate moves which may be out of your geographic targeting area for your marketing. This reduces the number of returns, or non-forwardable mail pieces, which may result in additional postal charges. Simply put, it’s smart way to make sure you’re not wasting money sending mail to someone who doesn’t live there anymore. If you are paying for a printed piece to be mailed, you want to make sure it gets into the hands of the person you’re intending it for.

With direct mail, you can reach a broad, yet specific range of potential customers who may never hear of your business otherwise. With personalized and beautifully designed print, you can draw in interest and connect with customers. At Minuteman Press, we can accomplish both, while saving you money and time! Check out our website to start your direct mail campaign today!


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