You are looking to try a new product or company. You go to the reviews. You scroll down through meaningless word after meaningless word: great, terrible, best, worse…the list goes on and on. (Really though, how does the English language manage to have so many words that mean almost the same thing and yet tell you nothing??). After hours of contemplating what it all means, you are no closer to making a decision.

We’ve all been there, and it SUCKS! So let’s start a revolution. Let’s start writing great reviews that actually help other people out, and provide valuable feedback for businesses. We love hearing about what you like, so we can do more of it, and what you don’t, so we can stop doing it!

So here are our tips for writing great reviews:

  1. Tell your story. Don’t just say it was good or bad, share your experience! Explain what you needed done, how the business met your needs (especially if it involved technical expertise), and anything else that contributed to your experience.
  2. Be specific. Mention who helped you – they’ll appreciate the encouragement if they’re doing good, and could receive a bonus (spread the love!). Avoid subjective words (best/worse) and exaggerations. If you liked something, explain WHY. If you didn’t like something, also explain WHY.
  3. Be honest. Duh. Businesses use your feedback to make improvements, and other people use it to make buying decisions. Your feedback matters, so keep it real.
  4. Don’t vent. Give yourself time to calm down and think through the situation. Often times, there’s just been a misunderstanding. If you had a bad experience, take it to the owner or manager, not to the reviews. Be clear about what you disliked, how the business failed your expectations, and what you feel you deserved. Give them an opportunity to make things right.
  5. Mention if you’re willing to be a reference. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and businesses will always appreciate a reference.

Finally, practice makes perfect. It doesn’t have to be time consuming – you only need a moment after visiting a business or trying a product to leave a constructive review. You can start by leaving us a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook. Let the revolution begin!


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