Branding is a broad term that can often be confusing. Simply put, your brand is the overall image or perception a customer has of your company, and should reflect your mission and values. This can be influenced by many things – past interactions, advertisements, website, design and color consistency, your logo…the list goes on and on. Understanding all of this and creating a corporate identity can seem overwhelming, but we are here to make the whole process feel easy.

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Minuteman Press of Redmond can create a brand identity to help you stand out from the crowd. People like and gravitate toward professional and distinct brands that inspire confidence and assuredness. If you want to stand out, we can help you establish and articulate your brand so that people understand who you are from the very beginning. The Minuteman team asks questions and gets to the core of your business or organization. Is your business sending the right message? Why should someone choose your business over another? What makes you special and how can we communicate that? We assess your values and help you define how best to represent yourself. We can create brand guidelines that explain what sets your business apart from the competition, and even put that in a booklet for all of your employees to reference, so that they can continue sharing your brand in a consistent way. Basically, together we can learn your business, industry, and audience, and develop a corporate identity to better achieve your goals.

Without authoritative or reliable images that connect with your customers, your business is hard to trust.  So, fine tuning a company’s identity helps build that foundation for effective marketing. It creates a unique voice that speaks to your audience’s needs and encourages them to learn more about who you are. Minuteman has experience working with all kinds of clients – that’s the benefit of being a central hub for marketing for businesses. We’ve done business-to-business service to local and small businesses. With extensive experience, we can help you develop a compelling identity that sets you apart. When you work with Minuteman Press of Redmond, your business and your image is in safe hands. If you want to learn more about our branding process, or see how we can help you create a corporate identity that will benefit you and your customers, call at (425) 883-7464, or stop in the store today.


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