Summer festivals, business expos, street fairs and non-profit events are a great way to raise brand awareness and reach a large audience. For small business owners these events provide opportunity to educate the community about their service or product. However, in order to participate in these events, some businesses struggle with the investment it takes […]

The milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV? Hopefully you’ll be singing that familiar TV show tune for the rest of the day! I mean, who doesn’t love a classic with a comeback? How about another classic that deserves a comeback: great service. Is it ok to expect more from the companies that you buy services […]

A client who hadn’t done business with you in 5 years asked for an estimate on a small project, and in response to seeing the estimate, replied with ‘Its kind of expensive, all you have to do is push a button’. From a services professional no less. A consultant, who prides himself on helping others achieve […]

I had to learn the hard way recently and have a reality check about organization. Or more fundamentally, about my own entrepreneurial limits specifically on the administrative side of the business. Yes our revenue and client base is growing strong, but upward trending sales hides many issues. Eventually you can’t get out of your own […]

Last blog I explained the benefits of hiring a rocket scientist (or close enough) to be your business manager. I’m only kidding in that you don’t need a rocket scientist, but you should find the smartest, most analytical, detail oriented organizer available, at least part time, to help you attack specific areas for improvement. I […]

For those of you following along at home, or at work, or while at halftime of your kid’s soccer game trying not to get caught checking your phone…I’ve been blathering touting about the benefits of hiring a Business Manager to help your entrepreneurial self get better outcomes. In my case, I lucked into a friend who […]

Welcome to 2016 and wow wasn’t that Seahawks game against the Panthers a soup sandwich? As our emotions settle along with the dust from the 2015 Seahawk campaign,  we 12’s have so much to admire about the Seattle Seahawks. Even from a competitor perspective they’ve generated fear, respect and loathing which in the sports world, and sometimes […]